Denali National Park Visitor Facilities

Denali National Park Visitor Facilities

Start Date: 07/01/2003
Completion Date: 01/01/2005
Owner: National Park Service
Location: Denali National Park, AK
Architects: National Park Service

On July 24th of 2003, Davis received a Notice to proceed to construct the new Denali Visitor’s Facility. This project entails the construction of three separate buildings. The Visitors Center, The learning and Science Center and the Comfort Station. This site covers approximately 4 acres and is all tied in with a visitor traffic flow plan.

Essentially, the tourists disembark the train at a new depot. The pathways will direct them up to the comfort station or bathroom. They can then proceed to the new Food Court and Gift shop.

The site is landscaped so that each visitor will walk up and down paths that take full effect of the local flora. The visitor would next follow the path up to the visitor center. This is the center piece of the whole project. It has exhibits and is the location that each visitor signs in to gain entry to the park itself.

Above the Visitors Center are three parking lots. These lots will accommodate autos, buses and RV’s.

The science and Learning Center is located across the main park access road. It is the only building of the three that will be open year round. It will contain exhibits and history of the park and area.