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G. Romack gets Inducted

On January 19th, former Davis Constructors president Greg Romack got inducted into the Alaska Business Hall of Fame. Graduating with a business administration degree from the University of Idaho, Romack moved up to Alaska shortly afterwards, and has often been quoted as saying, “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as soon as I could.” After some short stints working at a car wash and for the Anchorage public works department, Romack landed at Davis Constructors, and began working as a general manager in 1984.

An entrepreneur from a young age, once he stepped foot in Davis Constructors & Engineers he “knew right away that I liked everything about contracting. You make a bid, you get the work, you do the work, and you get paid for the work—it just fit really nicely for me.”

Since he joined the company in the early ‘80s, Romack has led Davis Constructors through ups and downs, and has spearheaded many of its some 550 projects worth almost $2.5 billion. Under Romack, Davis Constructors has diversified the scope of work that gets taken on, expanding work to be on both public and private projects, and emphasizing the need to have ethical and honest client relationships.