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Davis Scrambles CANstruction 2023

In late March, Davis teamed up with Architects Alaska, Inc., and BBFM Engineers to participate in CANstruction 2023.

CANstruction is an annual event hosted by Food Bank of Alaska that brings teams of architects, engineers, and contractors together in a friendly Design/Build competition to put a visual spotlight on hunger. Each team designs and builds structures entirely made from canned food within a 10’x10’x10′ area. This year, the theme was food, and the Davis, Architects Alaska, and BBFM team came up with the eggcellent idea to create an egg carton structure using over 4,000 cans. The egg carton was on display for two weeks in the 5th Avenue Mall, and #peopleschoice voting was up until April 7th.

All cans used to make these structures are being donated to the Food Bank of America. To find out more, go to CANstruction’s website linked below.