Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc.

Northern Lights ABC School

Start Date: 12/01/1997
Completion Date: 12/01/1998
Owner: Anchorage School District
Location: Anchorage, AK
Architects: Porath/Tatom Architects
Project Manager: Kyle Randich
Project Superintendent: Greg Pepperd
Project Engineer: Josh Pepperd

This design-build 60,000 sq ft school was also a project on which Davis was involved from the start of design.  It included land selection, replats, street extensions, and utility relocation as well as the general building construction.  Typical elementary schools in Anchorage were costing ASD around 14 million for land, design, and construction.  ASD had a need to replace this school with a limited budget of $10.7 million.  We were successful in winning the award of the contract and worked with the architect to value engineer the project.