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Display of three awards

Excellence in Safety and Construction

A HUGE thanks to our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors!

Davis won the Associated General Contractors of Alaska- 2019 Excellence in Safety – Building Award

Dean Cagle won the Associated General Contractors of Alaska- 2019 Excellence in Safety- Individual Award

We also took home THREE 2019 Excellence in Construction Awards-

Excellence in Construction Award for a Specialty Contractor: Vertical Construction

LRDR Foundation– Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. (Davis) as a specialty subcontractor for the rebar and concrete placement to STG Pacific, Inc. (STGP)- The Long Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) program will construct a new radar site to provide enhanced discrimination and hit assessment of potential targets for Pacific threat trajectories toward Enhanced Homeland Defense capability. For this critical radar array foundation project, Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. worked as a subcontractor to STG Pacific installing 400 tons of rebar and placing over 5,800 yards of concrete. 660 anchor rods were positioned in anticipation of the pour, which lasted 22 hours.  312 concrete samples were taken and testing gauges were embedded to track curing status.

Meeting the Challenge of a Job, Under $5,000,000 Vertical Construction

Providence Alaska Medical Center Core Lab Automation– Eight small phases over 3,450 sf brought Providence Hospital an updated Core Laboratory.  The remodel was completed on time, within budget and without impact to patient care.  Davis took the on challenge to update the existing pharmacy’s automated system with a more robust and technologically advanced system that sees continuous 24/7 critical activity, analyzing patient diagnostic needs head on.  Partnering with Providence, we gained knowledge from end users on how to reduce or illuminate construction impacts before swinging the first hammer.  We adjusted construction activity to accommodate users while coordinating an extensive update in an active behind-the-scenes patient care environment.

Sustainability in Construction Award

University of Alaska Fairbanks Combined Heat and Power Plant-Completed in late 2018, the $245 million University of Alaska Combined Heat and Power Plant was constructed to house a coal-fired boiler with a total capacity of 240,000 lbs/hr of steam. The project also includes a 17 MW steam turbine from Shin Nippon Machinery with controlled extraction ports for providing low-pressure steam to heat the campus. The new boiler will provide enough heat and power to meet the university’s needs for decades. It will use less fuel to produce heat and power, saving millions of dollars annually. The new technology will also greatly decrease regulated emissions. Construction of a new coal-fired power plant is a rare occurrence in the U.S. Environmental regulations. The new plant emits just 20% of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) produced by the previous plant. Plant efficiency is higher, as the boiler takes 21% less coal to make each pound of steam produced. This increase in efficiency, along with the emissions reductions realized through the use of a CFB boiler, allowed the university to increase its steam capacity by 240% while keeping emissions at current levels.