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Davis Takes Home Two Safety Awards

Davis won the 2022 Excellence in Safety—Building Award.

When asked why he believed Davis won the award, Kirk Waggoner, safety manager, said “our company wasn’t built overnight, it’s been an evolutionary process. Davis is lucky enough to have second generation employees who were trained the “Davis Way” a decade ago who are now training a new generation. When we win awards in safety, it helps bring a sense of pride to our company and well-deserved recognition for choosing safety. Our employees are our greatest asset, and when they are motivated to put safety first in their workday, it encourages all of our employees.”

Craig Worrell won the 2022 Excellence in Safety—Individual Award.

When asked about the Davis’ safety program and winning the award, Craig said, “our program is very strong and backed up by the Owners, senior leadership, managers, and all who are a part of the Davis / Mass X Team. The message is unilateral with complete support as we include our people in constant trainings, awards internally, and accolades from outside of the organization when we receive them. This is part of why our safety culture runs so deep and why we have buy in from our teams—because we all believe in the safety process. This creates a very circular pattern, and with every revolution it grows and keeps the momentum of the program and the participation at the highest level. The overall attitude is palpable on and off the jobsites, in the shop, and the office alike. Recognition like this helps emphasize that at Davis, safety is very important to us and helps set the stage for success.”

The ConocoPhillips Excellence in Safety Awards are given to promote and recognize excellence in safety throughout the construction industry in Alaska. Applications are reviewed by an independent panel of safety professionals with special attention to upper management commitment, worker training, active participation of the entire company, and special innovations.

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