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Davis Wins Excellence in Safety Award

For the second year in a row, Davis Constructors and Engineers were chosen as the winner of the Excellence in Safety – Building Division Award.

When asked why she believed Davis had won the award, the Marketing Manager at Davis, stated, “at Davis, safety is our number one priority. We are no stranger to the unique challenges Alaska has to offer, so from our inception we’ve taken safety seriously and embedded it into our guiding principles. We consider everything a learning opportunity, which is why transparency is incredibly important in not only keeping everyone on the same page, but also in ensuring growth. If we do not acknowledge our near misses, then we cannot prevent them from evolving into potential accidents. Safety is a collaborative endeavor at Davis. If a problem arises at a jobsite, our safety coordinator sits down with the project team and works with them to figure out a solution.”

Being recognized for our safety program is a true honor. We are an active member of the AGC Safety Committee and are a gold member in the Alaska Construction Health and Safety Excellence, or AK CHASE, program. Safety is embedded into the foundation of Davis, and we take a variety of steps to ensure that we send everyone home each day healthy and safe.

The ConocoPhillips Excellence in Safety Awards are given to promote and recognize excellence in safety throughout the construction industry in Alaska. Applications are reviewed by an independent panel of safety professionals with special attention to upper management commitment, worker training, active participation of the entire company, and special innovations.

Read more about the safety awards in the newest issue of AGC’s magazine here: