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Update on Kevin 9/28/15 4:56pm

Alaska State Troopers have decided that the official search for Kevin will end today. No new clues have been identified and the search teams have not been able to identify a specific direction of travel.

Although the official search is ending, we would appreciate everyone to keep an eye out. He might have walked along the rail road tracks or highway to a different hiking location. He might have been picked up hitchhiking or found alternate means to leave the general search area. We are unsure.

Additional opportunities to volunteer might become available, we will let you know.

Thank you again, your thoughts, prayers and action has meant a lot to the family and friends of Kevin.

Thank you APD, AMRG and Alaska State Troopers.

Thank you Clippership, rent a can, Raven Electric, JL Properties, Alcan Electrical & Engineering, Smokehouse BBQ, & over the top tents for giving so much.



2:07pm 9/28/2015

40 wonderful searchers turned up today to help look for Kevin.  We are hoping to find him today-



10:11pm 9/27/2015

We are asking again for hikers and searchers Monday morning. Sunday was a rainy day- but we have made great progress. We have searched portions of 15 of 39 zones. If you are able, please join us at 9am- we will check in those heading up the mountain and hopefully get better weather for the trooper helicopter to assist us. Check in starts as early as 8 am.

Kern Creek, Ingram creek, Falls Creek and Petersen are all in the plan.

Thank you to all of the searchers, the dogs and their handlers, the coffee Angels, the Rice Krispie and bread makers, all of the delivery drivers, donors, and offerors- we really appreciate you.


Special thanks to:

AMRG – for all of their coordination time and effort

Hailey and her Smokehouse BBQ team – yum

Clippership RV – A FREE command center RV donation

Don at Raven Elect.- for programming a ton of radios at one a.m.

Rent a Can– for takin care of our business


11:32 pm

tomorrow 9/27/2015- 7:30 am meet us at MP 87.5- just past Girdwood to start the transect/search patterns – spread the word


5:07pm 9/26/2015

We are waiting on APD to give us the go ahead.  The search and rescue team is on the mountain and the volunteer team must wait for their all-clear.  Will update as soon as possible….. Search will continue on 9/27 at 8 a.m.


We are ready for Experienced Hikers now- please check in and out with Joe who is on-site.  We want to be sure that you make it safe off the mountain.  We will also give you a safety vest so that you are more visible.


updated as of 1:17pm


Earlier this morning we found Kevin’s Toyota Tundra along the Seward Highway- south of Girdwood, before Portage.  Approximate Mile Marker 87.5.


If you are AN EXPERIENCED HIKER/SERCH PERSON and able to help us search- please come as soon as possible.


Please bring appropriate foot wear and rain gear, bug dope, water and snacks.  The area is steep and difficult hiking is anticipated.  There will be lots of mud and loose rocks.  Please dress for the weather/warm/waterproof gear.  If you are unable to hike, please call Darla at the number listed below and you can still help by dropping off food/water/snacks.


Please bring gps, radios, survey tape for marking areas searched, warm gear, a tarp and any other resources that you think will be helpful.  If someone has a wall tent with heater- call me.  Alternately, a warm up RV station.


If anyone can bring tracking dogs or has access to a helicopter, please call me immediately.  We will have search teams out today and in the morning.  If you are interested- please keep an eye on facebook/our website for developing information.



Facebook- Find Kevin Mitchell




Thank you again to everyone, we appreciate it.


Jenith Flynn



Please leave a message if the line is busy.


Darla Hall






We might search teams to locate Kevin.  Please email findkevin@davisconstructors.com with the following information:

Name, Email, Contact Telephone, Your location, How many miles are you willing to travel, resources such as atv/rv/wall tent.

Thank you.