Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc.

Sadlers Stockroom Addition

Start Date: 05/01/2003
Completion Date: 10/01/2003
Owner: Furniture Enterprises, Inc.
Location: Anchorage, AK
Architects: RIM Architects

The Sadlers Stockroom Addition and Exterior Renovations to the University Mall consists of the addition of a 28,000 sq ft stockroom with a 7,500 sq ft mezzanine that is the new corporate offices for Furniture Enterprises, Inc.(FEI)

The Stockroom accommodates 13 loading dock doors at the east side of the addition and high volume storage space inside the stockroom. The furniture is stored in specialized furniture ‘racks’ and are installed over a concrete floor that is poured to “Superflat” tolerances. Sadlers also remodeled the old Pay-n-Save space into a new showroom and the area behind the showroom to serve as the customer pick-up facility.

In addition to the stockroom and office construction, the entire portion of the mall owned by FEI was re-painted with the addition of new entry structures at the west side of the Mall. Landscaping was supplemented and refurbished on the west and east side, as well as signage structures added.

RIM Architects provided the design, utilizing progressive materials, innovative colors, and attractive shapes. The project completes a ‘revitalizing’ effort on the University Center Mall that was initiated by UAA and finished on the larger portion of the Mall by FEI.