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Grand Opening Scheduled 9/15/17- Anchorage Museum Expansion

The Anchorage Museum is the cultural cornerstone of the Anchorage community and provides the foundation of Alaska’s cultural heritage, community identity, social space, education, outreach, and Arctic issues. The Museum Expansion project provides 30,000 SF of additional gallery space including the “Gallery of the North” collections, temporary gallery space, patron’s lounge, administrative offices, and informal galleries that connect to the recently remodeled atrium. The expansion provides a stunning addition to the second floor that utilizes Alaska yellow cedar that will naturally age over time and unite the Museum campus in its entirety. The expansion delivers the Museum’s mission to study and explore our state’s land, peoples, art, history, and imperatives of the Arctic. This project is in the heart of downtown Anchorage and welcomes all visitors, locals, and tourists in an environment of engagement and enrichment.

Davis was proud to be part of the team to add this cultural icon to Anchorage.

During the Anchorage Museum Expansion pre-construction services, Davis was tasked with reviewing 4 sets of construction drawings. The original 1967 drawings, remodels in 1975 and 1985, and an additional expansion in 2005 were part of the evaluation. We had to make sure that our 800,000 pounds of concrete demolition and threading of 9 new steel columns through the existing building did not structurally or otherwise impact the building or operations. In fact, the new addition was designed to be structurally and seismically separate from the existing museum (even though it is on top, underneath and through the existing space).

Visit the expansion, visit the new Alaska Gallery space…. enjoy ALASKA!

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