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Missile Field 4 Construction Package #04 Infrastructure with Utilidors – Fort Greely, Alaska 

Davis is currently accepting subcontractor and supplier bids for FTG218D MF4 CP#04 which includes all of the Infrastructure associated with Missile Field 4 (excluding MEB 4) to include; SILO liners, SILO foundations, SIV foundations, utilidors and associated piping, A and B shielded power duct bank and cabling, A & B communications duct bank and cabling, all utility homeruns from the backbone to each SIV, fencing, gates, Electronic Security System, grading, roads, pavement, grounding, lighting and lightning protection. Other projects within the Missile Field #4 Program will work simultaneously within the complex. Numerous interfaces exist.

Contact Jessica at Jessicat@davisconstructors.com to be added to our bidder list and receive access to the plans and specifications.


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