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Help us find Kevin Mitchell- updated 9/28





We are asking again for hikers and searchers Monday morning. Sunday was a rainy day- but we have made great progress. We have searched portions of 15 of 39 zones. If you are able, please join us at 9am- we will check in those heading up the mountain and hopefully get better weather for the trooper helicopter to assist us. Check in starts as early as 8 am.

Kern Creek, Ingram creek, Falls Creek and Petersen are all in the plan.

Thanks again to everyone, we could of never made this progress alone. We really appreciate you.

Check out our Facebook page for additional information as it becomes available.


-Missing Person-

$10,000 reward for the confirmed discovery of Kevin Mitchell.

Missing from his South Anchorage home since Tuesday 9/22/15 at 11:30 am.

Kevin is  38 year olds, 5’8”, 165 pounds, with dark brown/black hair & blue eyes.

Also missing is his 2012 Toyota Tundra truck, TRD package—gray blue color—with Lear cab.

Alaska License plate is GJA696- old style Yellow and Blue. 

He is suspected to be in a wilderness location.

Please contact APD at 907-786-8500 if you have seen him or his Tundra.


  • Please update us with locations you have already searched (be specific).  If you would like to volunteer to search additional areas, please continue to update us at findkevin@davisconstructors.com or  (907) 562-2336 so we can update the information below.  Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Kevin or his truck, please contact APD at 907-786-8900.

As of 11:21 a.m. 9/26/2015-  we have searchers currently heading to :

  • South of Anchorage-Portage, Resurrection Pass, Johnson Pass,Homer, Nikiski, Kenai pullouts and rec. spots in the Kenai area,every side road between Hope Junction and the Soldotna turn off. Swanson River Rd, Robinson Loop Area, Funny River Rd MP 20 to Soldotna
  • North of Anchorage towards Fairbanks-  Burma Road Area, Hurricane Gultch, parking lots along the Talkeetna Spur Rd as well as Yoder Rd to the bridge over Montana Creek,  Talkeetna including the airport and  campground, Comsat Rd, Christianson Lake Rd and X/Y lake parking lots.  Montana and Sheep Creek campgrounds/parking lots.  KGB and all of the backroads. Chulitna and Chena. Hatcher Pass from the Willow side. Fairbanks to the Hurricane Gultch Bridge.  Chena River Bridge area. Funny River Road. Lake Louise.
  • North of Anchorage towards Glen Allen-Sutton and Glenn Allen.  Copper Center
  • Please search under and around any bridges that you come across.


We currently need help checking the side roads and areas between Talkeetna and Denali. Kenai to Homer, Palmer to Glen Allen and the Denali Highway.  Please email us at findkevin@davisconstructors.com if you plan on taking any of these on.

Please see the map- we would like the Denali Highway portion driven this weekend- the road closes on 10/1 for the season- so we must get to it quickly.There are lots of side roads and side trails we need to make sure drivers cover all of  the route 1 through 4 that they volunteer for.

  1. (Light Blue) Anchorage-Cantwell-Denali Highway-Paxson-delta junction-Fairbanks
  2. (Pink) Anchorage-Palmer-Glennallen-Paxon-Delta Junction-Tok- possibly top of the world highway to Canadian border**this route is being driven by Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs
  3. (Green) Anchorage-Palmer- glennallen-tok-Beaver Creek-chicken-Eagle-canadian border
  4. (Dark Blue) Anchorage-Glennallen-Copper Center- Chitina – Valdez**this route is being driven 9/26by Julie

Find Kevin Road Map



Jon Bush is coordinating the flight patterns and pilots- please reach him at if you are available at 907-230-1517.  Alternately email findkevin@davisconstructors.com

These are all the recent google searches from Kevin’s computer: Googled Areas

Areas Already Searched:

Search Parties have been sent out. Below are areas that have already been searched:

Anchorage areas already searched:

  • Anchorage Airport Area
  • Lake Hood
  • Point Woronzof
  • Earthquake Park
  • Kincaid Park
  • Arctic Valley
  • Ship Creek
  • Government Hill
  • Post Road to Government Hill, Mountain View to Boniface
  • Stuckagain Heights
  • Basher Lots
  • Flat Top
  • Powerline Pass
  • Canyon Road

North of Anchorage areas already searched:

  • Chickaloon River Road
  • Fish Lake Road
  • Ida Lake road
  • Drill lake, Fish Lake, Ida Lake
  • Mile 75/Permanente Trail
  • Buffalo Mine rd.& all side roads
  • 58 mile road and all side roads
  • farm loop, palmer
  • finger lake area
  • maud rd.
  • Government Peak and Hatcher Pass Area, all the way up Arch Angel Valley; pass is closed and has been since the 14th.
  • Eklutna Lake Area/twin peaks
  • Jims Creek Area
  • East Knik Rd (To the end)
  • Skyline Dr, Eagle River
  • Hiland Rd, Eagle River
  • Eagle River Rd to the Visitors Center
  • Zero Lake Rd
  • South Rolly Rd
  • North Rolly Lake
  • Nancy Lake Rd/area
  • Big Lake Rd
  • Burma Road trails and trailhead
  • Point McKenzie and Surrounding Area
  • Little Su Landing
  • Dry Creek Trail Head
  • Thunderbird Falls
  • Red Shirt Lake Trailhead
  • Deshka Landing
  • Sheep Creek Lodge and Willow Creek Trading Post have Flyers
  • Hurricane Gultch Bridge
  • Nenana Bridge
  • Valdez to Fairbanks driven- no Tundra on the road/parked on the road

South of Anchorage / Kenai Peninsula areas already searched:

  • Cooper Landing – Snug Harbor to campfire
  • Cooper Lake
  • Cooper Lake Trailhead
  • Seldovia (Jackolaf Bay Road)
  • Homer
  • Whittier Tunnel and Portage Glacier areas
  • Seward
  • Skilak Loop Road into all the campgrounds on 9/23
  • Indian Valley Trailhead
  • Bird Creek- campground, creek point, mc hugh creek, indian- all pullouts and turnoffs
  • Girdwood: Tesoro, train station, crow creek road and the two trailheads, Girdwood airport road, industrial park and the ballfields squirrel cage area.
  • Hope:Palmer Creek Road (Hope) to beginning of trailhead past Coeurd Alene Campground (posted MP flier) •Resurrection Rd (Hope) to parking lot ( posted MP flier) •Gave flier to local to post at Porcupine Campground •Drove Hope Hwy at Canyon Creek and Six Mile landing (Under Bridge) •Granite Creek Campground •Johnson Pass Trailhead •Pull off at approximately Bertha Creek and Spokane Creek •Portage Visiter Center Parking Lot and Service Road to summer ferry •Posted MP flier at Turnagain Pass rest areas (north and south bound) •Posted MP flier at Girdwood post office and Mercantile
  • Tenderfoot campground, all pullouts and gravel pits, summit lake, powerline hunting trail, devils creek trailhead and Jerome lake.
  • Western half of old sterling highway and cooper landing
  • From the Sterling Highway junction to Soldotna, the Dave’s Creek Trail system, the Quartz Creek power station and trail system to the camping area behind it, the Quartz Creek area, Recycling Center, Russian Gap Road subdivision extents, Quartz and Crescent Creek campgrounds and road back to the mining claims and adjacent airstrip, and on the other side of Cooper Landing the Kelly and Peterson Lakes areas, Eguman Lake, Watson Lake rec area back to the gate, Card Road, Adkins Road, Dots Fish Camp, Fueding Lane, Kenai Keys Road to the gate, Bings Landing rec area, Isaak Walton rec area, Scout Lake and Scout Lake Loop Roads, Huske Road boat launch, Morgan’s Landing rec area, Scout Lake rec area, Longmere Lake rec area, Swiftwater Campground, Moose Meadows fishing area and adjacent Keystone Drive to the end, Centennial Campground, Soldotna Sports Center and the upper parking lot trailhead to the Kenai, and the Soldotna Fred Meyer parking lot.
  • Sterling Roads from 3 Johns to Otter Trail


We might search teams to locate Kevin.  Please email findkevin@davisconstructors.com with the following information:

Name, Email, Contact Telephone, Your location, How many miles are you willing to travel, resources such as atv/rv/wall tent.